Sne Thmey Knong besdong Chas [EP 12]

Tital Name:ស្នេហ៍ថ្មីក្នុងបេះដូងចាស់,ร่างใหม่...หัวใจเดิม,Rang Mai Hua Jai Derm (2016)

Pattinee is a successful businesswoman, a lovingly devoted mother to her son, Boat, and a loyal wife to husband, Kawin, with whom she runs their resort hotel. Nalantha, on the other hand, is a weak, sickly daughter of a hospital owner and is married to Pee who runs a luxury car garage, whom she loves dearly. Although her father can barely stand him and believes him to be a golddigger. One day fate comes to play, and the two worlds of the women collide when Pattinee misunderstands her husband, and Nalantha catches her husband red-handed with his mistress. Pattinee gets into a car accident and dies, and her soul enters Naluntha's body. With a new face and identity, Pat decides to exact her own revenge upon her husband while managing the double life she now has to lead because of Nalantha's body.

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