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Title Name: ស្ដេចសង្គ្រាម, 楚汉传奇,Legend of Chu and Han (2012)

Liu Bang is one of the most controversial emperors in the history of China. A lowly commoner by birth, he conquered the entire country and laid the foundation for the great Han dynasty. Bold and wise, but conniving and cunning, never completely trusting even his most loyal generals, he was known to have survived 9 deaths. Gao Xi Xi quotes a famous Qing poem about Liu Bang, "The Han King was an icon of heroism only found once in a thousand years, with few in history ever matching his prowess. The subsequent emperors who followed his footsteps, who can surpass his achievements?" Xiang Yu was renowned as the No. 1 warrior of the Chu-Han Contention times, alongside Lu Bu of Three Kingdoms. Like Lu Bu, Xiang Yu was revered in history for giving up political power for love. Xiang Yu was a warrior unmatched in history. He ruled the people in the uprising against the Qin, achieving unparalleled victories that continue to fascinate generations thereafter. Peter Ho will play Xiang Yu, and Li Yixiao will play his beloved Consort Yu. Chu Han Chuanqi is the second historical drama television series directed by Gao Xixi, after Three Kingdoms (2010). Scriptwriter Wang Peigong spent years creating the script for Chu Han Chuanqi. Gao Xixi said in an interview, "Peigong and me would discuss about Chu Han Chuanqi when we have time. It has been four years, I believe the time is ripe now. The story will begin from Liu Bang starting off as a patrol officer in Pei County, until he established the Han Dynasty and became the emperor. This series will not follow the narrative style of historical dramas. The clever part about Chu Han Chuanqi lies in the two words Chuanqi (means "legend")."

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