Long Sneh Papa Komlos [EP 17]

Tital Name: លង់ស្នេហ៍ប៉ាប៉ាកំលោះ,าตาลดา,To the Moon and Back (2023)

Doctor Purim, a famous neurosurgeon, is born into a rich and well-known family. His father is a famous professor of economics and his mother is a former famous actress. With his perfect family background, his father has designed his path since he was born. Purim was never given any choice to do what he really wanted. He decides to buy a house and moves out to live alone. Since then, he has his own little peaceful space with a secret hobby that no one knows about. One day, his peaceful life ends when a new neighbor moves in. Her name is Matalada, a strange woman who loves dressing in a Bohemian style. She is raised by a single father who is gay and the owner of a cabaret in Pattaya. She had been bullied by friends since she was young. But being around kind-hearted people in the cabaret, she has been filled with a lot of love. Her father loves her and gives her a lot of freedom. Matalada buys a house in Bangkok and moves in with her aunt, a ladyboy in the cabaret who has raised her since she was little and loves her like a real daughter. One day, she finds something that looks like blood in the trash bin in front of Purim’s house. She enters his house and finds a bloody baby's body in his kitchen and thinks he's a murderer. Purim eats it to prove that it is not a real body. It's a Halloween cake that he made, and that is his secret hobby. Matalada tries it and finds it very delicious. She asks him to teach her how to make a birthday cake for her father. From then on, they go from strangers to acquaintances, and become close friends. Matalada, a kind-hearted woman, brings her warm family into his life and fills his lonely heart with a love that he had never received before.

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