Kam Sne Kouhear Plerng [30 END]

Title Name: កម្មស្នេហ៍គុហាភ្លើង,ริษยา,Rissaya (2016)

Mom Chulee is a very domineering and old-fashioned woman, proud of her noble blood, so when she discovers her sister has run away with the gardener, she is absolutely devoted to her. Mom Chulee arrested everyone in the house, including her father cut off completely with her sister, even before her death, her mother did not last see her daughter. A few years after the marriage, Mom Chulee's husband had a relationship with a maid and she was pregnant. Then the maid gave birth to a baby girl named Watsika. Before Mom Chulee also had a son named Hariphun. Because of the unbearable pain of Mom Chulee, her husband committed suicide in order to be freed. Watsika was raised by Mom Chulee in persecution and hatred. She took everyone in the castle completely separate from the outside world.

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