Derm Bey Oun [EP34END]

Song Huajai Nee Puea Tur (2015)

Tharatorn is a hot tempered businessman who has a telekinetic ability which manifests itself every time he gets angry. Unknown to him, he also has another problem - sometimes another personality of his emerges which makes him behave in ways very different to his main self, and it doesn't help that he can't remember anything. He has also been dreaming of a girl when he sleeps and he has no idea who she is. That is, until he meets Kewalin and recognises her as the woman in his dreams. Kewalin's presence starts to unravel the mystery behind Tharatorn's dual personality and it appears that there is another soul from an ancient time also inhabiting his body. What happens when these two souls/ spirits start falling for Kewalin? Thus begins the ‘two spirits’ love.’